All and each of our tejewave unique pieces are carefully crafted with extreme attention to detail and finish using high-quality and unusual fibers from all around the world. Expert hands work enthusiastically on a small and traditional Japanese loom dedicating enough time for each piece to be the perfect mix of textures and colors.

Japan and its mix of tradition and the most overwhelming modernity worldwide is the source of inspiration for tejewave. Harajuku, the most modern district of Tokyo.

Each scarf from Harajuku collection has a name not chosen by chance.

All scarf names are japanese girl names, each of them with its own meaning


By breaking away from the conventional rules we achieve the aesthetic quality that makes so appealing our products.

We weave without imitating “flawless” fabrics produced by commercial factories. We weave as a way of expression as we stay faithful to our own style.




All tejewave fabrics and products are a fusion of tradition and modernity. Products that we have merged after traveling to India, Japan and Mexico.

Handmade in Spain.